Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Assumption 1 - a book about using alternatives to the car* suggests that we spend 100 hours a year earning enough money to afford the garage on our house.

Assumption 2 - Gina Ford's advice for potty training suggests we use two pottys, one for the downstairs toilet and one for the upstairs bathroom.

I now feel deprived. We have just the one bathroom, we have no upstairs and we definitely don't have a garage.

What is it with excessive bathrooms anyway? Why do you need more toilets than you have people in the house? Do people that have many-bathroomed houses have peeing parties?

And as for the garage - does anyone keep their car in their garage anyway? It's a depository for unused keep fit equipment, possibly a dartboard, often a freezer, sometimes a tumble drier. Very rarely do you find a car in a garage. Why would you buy one for the car?

So, with two things I don't get the necessity of, I am clearly lacking.

*In the book about not using cars, I got all the way to halfway down page one before my first rant. I like driving.