Thursday, 9 July 2009


There's a pandemic (yes, pandemic, it absolutely qualifies) afflicting Blogger at present.
It affects the ability to form words into coherent sentences and transfer them into type.

A number of key blogs have been infected with this potentially lethal condition.

Suspected reasons for succumbing to this devastating state of being:

1) having something better to do.

This may be an urban myth, but there is increasing evidence that some bloggers have been doing Other Things.

2) Illness, pain or suffering.

While this is clearly not a valid excuse for neglecting one's duties as a blogger, it's one which seems to have a profound effect on one's ability to spraff on.

3) Lethargy and the dangerous 'Being Really Pissed off at the Internet and all who sail in her'. Those who suffer from this either feel the cretinous population of the 'net simply don't deserve time and words devoted to them, or they feel uninteresting and that the genius population of the 'net don't deserve being inflicted with drivel.

So what can you do? Adopt a blogger. Build them a secure and cosy nest to
blog from.
Or if it yourself that is suffering, then a daily dose of calendula will have the expected effect.

Annoyingly required disclaimer: this is not aimed at anything: no particular blog or any person is implicated. For the record, my own lack of bloggage is due to a mild case of reason 2.