Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Games and what not

I just finished watching Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe and aside from being totally in lust with Mr B (reverse psychology - he says "I am
unattractive", I think "well, I'd do you", he wins. In a manner as it's all theoretical and we're never likely to meet but one assumes other girls think like me, maybe, well, possibly) I am reminded of my love for games.

That I never play any more because it hurts my neck.

That is not true.
I always play games. At the moment it is Flight Control on the iPhone. Ace. But I don't play Wii games much.

I have already blogged about my love for Mario and hatred for driving in circles, I'm
phoning it here so if you care (which you don't but might have done in a parallel universe) you will have to sift through the links on the right there to 'Mario'.

Of course you remember. Yes, I have been neglectful, it's the neck you know.

Onward. Gameswipe was superb by the way, if you oafishly forgot to watchmor record it, see it on iplayer.

I have completely forgotten the point. Um. GTA not confusing with real
life. Been said. Chuckie Egg best early game. Been said.

I bet I am the only person I know that has played JCB Digger on the BBC.

I have no point. In nearly 3 months - nothing. Back to pondering why good looks and a love for games are mutually exclusive. And why is it that the former are always the more attractive (within boundaries that do not include World of Warcraft or similar). It's a mystery.