Monday, 14 August 2017

Autumnal ponders

Hello dear imaginary reader.

It's been almost a year again. I expect Blogger probably has no actual readers now. It's just imaginary me and imaginary you floating around in a corner of cyberspace pretty much ignoring each other. Or maybe we are friends and we meet for virtual coffee regularly and chat about what's been going on in the last year.

I am real however, not virtual, but I can't actually prove that.


Shall we talk about cheese?

Cheese is good. For some reason when I type that I end up typing "food" instead of "good" which makes out I'm at toddler level of observations.

But it is true to say that cheese is good. All cheese, except Wensleydale. Wensleydale tastes wrong and it is often riddled with fruit. Fruit has its place and that place is not in cheese. Nor is it on my pizza, which is a fruit free place. There's so many things you can put on a pizza and there is no need to forfeit any of them and then replace it with fruit.

Cheese of the day is...

Cheddar. Oft overlooked and damned good.

So that's all. I had a gazillion good things to write in a blog yet when I got here it had all gone to sleep. I'll see if it wants to come and be shared another day. Maybe next year.

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