Saturday, 26 August 2017

Eternal youth

The simplest way to avoid looking or feeling old is to spend time only with people older than yourself. It's easy.

My parents are kicking 80 and so their longest serving friends are of a similar age. One of these friends got married recently and their circles were all a-mutter about this flighty young thing that was marrying one of them.

Indeed. She was a mere 65 years of age at the time of marriage.

This totally inspires me. When I am 65 I fully intend to be surrounded by 80 year olds that see me as a slip of a girl.

My recent job involved my visiting of a lot of retired people. They made me feel youthful and it was rather nice. One woman exclaimed "oh you're a young girl! I was expecting someone older" and when  I'd checked all around me and established that she did in fact mean me as there was nobody else to be seen, I was immensely flattered. Had I been younger I'd have probably been offended but I'll take that.

I have noticed my own lack of lines compared to my peers. Well, apart from the Line of Disdain that I've ironied into my forehead. It's where you crease when you sarcastically raise your eyebrows. The look that accompanies "really???!!'". I have a fringe, I don't have crow's feet.

So to recap, to remain young, simply don't smile, and hang out with old people. Who are generally brilliant anyway and you could always try and distract them so the don't vote. Do your bit for the country and all.

The dumb blondes jokes make more sense if you consider that it is the very, very young and the getting-on-a-bit dyed blondes that have blonde hair. The haven't learned it yet, versus the forgotten it all.

Supposedly sleep is good for maintaining youthfulness. I can't possibly comment.

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