Friday, 28 September 2007

To yay or to nay


  • Olives stuffed with jalapenos
  • Galaxy Dark
  • Gorgeous boys
  • The internet

  • Windows Vista
  • People who post endless youtube videos. We know how it works
  • People who don't have small children, or any feasible reason other than sheer laziness, that take parent and child spaces. Child, incidentally, doesn't mean teenager or adult offspring
  • The planners that decide that regular parking spaces don't need to be big enough to open all the doors of a car in anyway
  • Hospitals
  • Asda deodorant that makes me sneeze
  • The whole recruitment process
  • Being internetless for 24 hours
  • Taking things too seriously


dsp128 said...

Prats who make lists on their blogs as though anyone cares.

MD said...

I care, ever so, and I care not for anyone else.

dsp128 said...

But I don't really care that you care either.

MD said...

I don't care about a lot of things, but I don't spend time actively not caring about them.

That's weird.